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Hotel in Austin Complains That Loud Music Hurts Their Business

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When the Westin built their beautiful hotel on 5th Street in downtown Austin, they knew the already established popular nightclub/bar/live music venue The Nook would be their next door neighbor. While The Nook is in the middle of the vibrant and sometimes chaotic 6th Street, the two businesses come back-to-back. At first, it seemed like the two were going to get along – the Westin brought sound experts over to ensure that their soundproofing using curtains and acoustic panels would be sufficient, and The Nook’s owners felt optimistic, but now, that’s all changed.

The Westin has sued The Nook for overly loud music and “chest thumping bass” that’s disturbing their guests. The Nook’s owners were appalled to see the suit is for damages of over $1 million along with an injection. “I can’t believe this is happening in the live music capital of the world,” The Nook co-owner JD Dunn told KVUE.

The suit says that the Westin is more concerned about the dance music, which they believe is over the allowed decibel level, not the venue’s live music. But The Austin Business Journal states that according to 2015 studies, the Westin didn’t install proper sound dampening materials they claimed to and that The Nook operates within the allowed parameters for sound in their district. The Nook currently has a petition started, hoping to attract the attention of the mayor.