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New Yorker Staying in San Antonio Hotel Claims He Was Attacked by Bed Bugs

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A man visiting San Antonio from New York says he found bed bugs lurking under the covers of his Courtyard Marriott room. He recorded a video of the bugs running around the bed and later went to the doctor for bites.

“I vomited,” he told ABC 13. “I threw up in the shower…it makes me nauseous even talking about it…My biggest fear, that I ingested them. They went in my mouth, up my nose, in my ears. It’s traumatizing.” The hotel says it might have been ants, rather than bed bugs, but the investigation continues.

In a video uploaded by Howdini detailing how one can inspect their home for the itchy insects, one expert said, “No one is immune to the problem. It’s not a cleanliness thing,” while another reminded viewers that bed bugs are “good hitchhikers.” They can easily arrive via someone’s suitcase or even a purse, making hotels a breeding ground.

Adult bed bugs are dark reddish brown in color and change sizes after they feed. Unfortunately, they feed on blood, and they like to do so when their hosts are sleeping. Humans aren’t able to feel their bites due to a numbing agent they release before they chow down. Some people develop welts or spots from the bites, while others may not even know they’ve been bitten.

If you’re already itching from just reading this, you can check your home for bed bugs (and any hotels you stay in) quickly by pulling back the bedding layer by layer and inspecting the seams. Though that seems to be the most likely place to find the bugs, they can also hide anywhere nearby beds, couches, or chairs. Check under tables and in wood cracks, too.