Man Aspires to Build a Hotel in the Middle of the Gulf of Mexico

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“Time will tell, but I think we’re going to be able to do it,” Doug Pope told the Miami Herald. It’s been seven years since Pope proposed building a hotel that floats in the Gulf of Mexico, but he is still excited about the possibility of making the project a reality. Despite finding it difficult to get the go-ahead to begin construction, he says he still thinks about Oceana Water Resort every day.

In 2011, news spread that Pope was going to build the sea resort for around $18 million. A post on Trip Advisor said that the hotel would have 50 rooms in 6 stories raised 100 feet above the Gulf of Mexico on a platform around 16 miles from Key West. Now, it looks like $27 million will be needed, and the size will need to decrease a little as well.

The Miami Herald says that Pope is basing some of the structure of the hotel on his boat that he uses when working as a treasure salvor on shipwreck sites. His boat has four semi-permanent pilings that keep him stationary, but he can also pick them up and move when needed. The hotel wouldn’t exactly be floating around in the Gulf, but authorities would still classify it as a vessel instead of a permanent structure.