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El Paso Restaurant Named ‘Hottest New Restaurant’ in Texas

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Annually, Yelp releases its list of the hottest new restaurants which have ranked the highest in each U.S. state, taking the number of reviews and star ratings that each eatery has received into account. Subsequently, locals are voting on the compilation of this list, which therefore might surprise you to learn that it wasn’t a barbecue joint or a comfort food kitchen that made the top of the list for Texas. In fact, the 2017 Hottest New Restaurant in Texas is located in El Paso and it’s serving Vietnamese food.

Situated at 1700 N Zaragoza Road in the city of El Paso, the Việt Restaurant is owned by Hung Ngo, and was opened just shy of a year ago, according to KVIA. The restaurant manager, Quyet Bui, explained to the local news, “When you see recognition like this, you feel very good that you know you put the food out for people to try, and they enjoy every minute of it.”

With 46 menu items, including seven kinds of boba tea and six desserts, Viet Restaurant received a considerable amount of five-star ratings from Yelp users, many of whom frequently shared pictures of their entrees. With consistently delicious food and clearly some great service, Việt Restaurant has broken the mold on what many believed to be the standard eating patterns of Texans in general. Stereotypical as it may seem, they also change the location for where Texans traditionally were believed to be purchasing said food…i.e. Houston, San Antonio, and Dallas – all of which are known as hotbeds for food fans. And, when real users are giving their real opinions for free, that says something.