Video Shows Delusional House Cat Puffing Up in the Face of a Lion

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YouTuber Derek Krahn, AKA BigCatDerek, works with big, rescued wild cats at C.A.R.E., the Center for Animal Research and Education in Bridgeport, TX. Recently, he filmed a video of the facility’s house cat, Baggy, interacting with a rescued lioness, Noey. And their short tête-à-tête wasn’t exactly cordial!

Right after Derek reached down to give Baggy a pat on her back, she suddenly steps up to Noey with a big cat attitude. She puffs up, rushes the cage, and generally acts like an ego-centric house cat (an attitude cat owners are all too familiar with.) Derek couldn’t help but laugh at the ridiculous display. “Baggy, you will lose!” he said. Of course, there’s no real danger in store for Baggy. Noey is inside a very study enclosure, and she seems about as surprised by Baggy’s sudden burst of confidence as Derek does.

Thankfully, it sounds like things were resolved without a hitch. As quickly as the house cat went off the wall, she went back to being her sweet self. “All is well, everything settled, and her & Noey (the lion) are back on speaking terms,” Derek wrote. The video has already reached well over two million views after its fairly recent debut on June 14th.