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Houston Astros Take Game 2 of the ALCS Series With a Stellar Ending Against the Yankees

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The Houston Astros took the lead in the ALCS series against the New York Yankees in game two on Saturday, October 14th with an unbelievable ending to a close game. The Astros lead the series 2-0 as they head to the Bronx to play game three against the Yankees on Monday, October 16th.

What was a nail-biter of a game turned into one of the most exciting, and unbelievable endings to this series so far as you watch the video highlight below showing #27 José Altuve slide into home plate for the win as the Astros beat the Yankee 2-1.

Game two of the series between the Houston Astros and the New York Yankees was a performance for the books that will be talked about for years to come. They showed the world their #EarnHistory motto is steamrolling ahead. “Justin Verlander stood tall for nine stellar innings and Carlos Correa drove in both Houston runs as the Astros took command of the series with a walk-off victory,” shared USA Today

The video is a great replay of the win, but to view it in person as this reporter had the chance to was epic in proportion. With #1 Carlos Correa up at bat sending a hit off #54 NY Yankee pitcher Aroldis Chapman in the ninth to right center, no one could expect what would happen next. “Altuve, who had singled off Chapman for his second hit of the game, raced around the bases and slid in safely at home as catcher Gary Sanchez fumbled with the relay throw,” stated usatoday.com. To say the crowd went wild is an understatement. “Probably the most exciting game I’ve ever played,” shared Altuve.

Not to be completely outdone, the Yankees did score in the 5th with an unusual home run landing. “The Yankees tied it in the fifth when, with two outs, Aaron Hicks and Todd Frazier cracked back-to-back doubles. Frazier’s drive to left-center got stuck on the cyclone fence beneath the C&D Scrap Metal sign, so he had to stop at second. Chase Headley lined out to end the inning,” shared usatoday.com.

The chemistry between this Houston Astros rooster of players is amazing, and the “Devil Play” partnership between Altuve and Correa, as mentioned in the video, is leading the pack, and proving they are the team to beat along the road to the World Series. Can they keep up the momentum in New York? We shall see if being on the road against the Yankees in their stadium will match their stellar performances that Game 1 and 2 provided the crowd back home.

Tune in Monday, October 16th at 7 p.m, central time to watch game three in the ALCS match up and the road to the World Series.