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World Series Winning Houston Astros on Parade at Walt Disney World

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The Houston Astros jetted off to Walt Disney World, for a parade in their honor on Saturday, November 4, 2017. Mickey and Minnie rolled out the red carpet for our “…Astros star players George Springer (World Series MVP), All-Star shortstop Carlos Correa and American League batting champion Jose Altuve,” shared the Disney Parks video below.

Hey, Astros, you just won the World Series Championship! How are you going to celebrate? With an epic parade in Disney World, of course! What better way to continue the celebration of a grand parade in downtown Houston, Texas than by flying off to one of the most spectacular destinations around the globe, Disney World in Florida?

Fans lined the famous Main Street, U.S.A, at Magic Kingdom Park to catch a glimpse of our World Series Champs. Astros fans could be seen sprinkled throughout the crowd sporting their orange jerseys, and cheering for the players as the beautifully decorated float made its way down the street with Springer at the top with Mickey and Correa and Altuve on bottom deck happily waving at the crowd of fans.

The players took in the sights and sounds of the famous park and riding a few of the rides as if they were just a couple of kids experiencing another dream come true. They greeted fans and signed autographs along the way, and Altuve even gave away his baseball cap he was wearing to a young Venezuelan fan he ran into at the park, who broke down in tears afterward.

It’s been a whirlwind week for these guys, and Disney World is the cherry on top of an already historic and epic World Series Championship.