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The Houston Astros Are the World Series Champions and Earn History

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The Houston Astros are the World Series Champions! The Astros #EarnHistory and take game seven to win the 113th series over the Los Angeles Dodgers with a score of 5-1 in an epic game that will go down in history as one of the most thrilling and exciting World Series ever played.

In their first win in franchise history, the Houston Astros finally end the drought of being one of the baseball teams to have never won the World Series. Losing over 100 games over three straight years seems like a blur. From their comeback win against the Boston Red Sox to take the American League Division Series is an Astro fan’s dream. To beat out the New York Yankees in a stellar seven-game stretch that garnered them the American League Championship Series to now beating the Los Angeles Dodgers, it was a fight to the finish to take the World Series Championship in game seven.

Taking an early lead in the first inning, the Astros rallied through as George Springer became the powerhouse that pushed them ahead by a score of 5-0 at the top of the second inning with a two-run home run. “Springer was a one-man wrecking crew, tying a World Series record with five home runs, and producing 29 total bases, eclipsing the record set by Reggie Jackson in 1977 and Willie Stargell in 1979,” shared USA Today. “Just like that, Springer joined Lou Gehrig and Jackson as the only players to ever homer in four consecutive World Series games, but the only one to do it in a single World Series.” It’s no wonder he would be awarded the 2017 World Series MVP.

Who would have thought the prediction made by Sports Illustrated in 2014 with Springer on the cover stating the Astros would be our 2017 World Series Champs would come true? Not even Lala land could take this award away from one if not the best team in the league. A wild ride it was, with twists and turns and even a late night matchup in game five that stole a few hours of sleep from die-hard fans cheering them on till wee hours of the night as the Astros won that game after 12 innings. It was an emotional win for this reporter, remembering the years of cheering and dreaming, that they would one day be honored on the greatest stage in baseball. From the Killer B’s to the dedication and teamwork of these H-Town players, it’s the stuff dreams are made of and how legends are born.

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