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81-Year-Old Houston Astros Mega-Fan Goes to a World Series Game

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81-year-old Astros super-fan, Jan Mingus got the opportunity of a lifetime to see her favorite team, the Houston Astros, in the World Series. Mingus has been a life-long fan and has been to every single Astros game with pen and paper in hand to document the entire game, according to abc13.com.

Her uncle was a pitcher for the Pirates, Mingus shared with ABC 13, since before she was born. “So baseball’s been in my family forever.”

In this video, shared by the Associated Press, Mingus explains her love and devotion for the game. She moved to Houston in 1992 and instantly became a fan of the ALCS Champs, the Houston Astros.

“The season ticket holder has gone to every home game this year, and six out of town series games,” shared abc13.com. She documents each game to keep account of the historic and exciting events that unfold each time. “It’s fun to keep the scorecard because when historical things happen and I go to spring training, I can have players sign the card,” Mingus said. “For instance, Aoki’s hit, I got him to sign the card.”

Game one of the series match-up against the LA Dodgers was Mingus’ first World Series game to go to. “She described Game one as “…pretty neat, a little bit crowded, a little bit loud, but pretty neat,” shared ABC13.