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Houston Bakery Responds to Starbucks Unicorn Frap with ‘Uniconchas’

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Starbucks activated an increased interest in all things unicorn-themed with their successful, but very temporary, offering of the Unicorn Frappuccino. As an equally charming, and potentially tastier, response to the Starbucks treat, a bakery in Houston called El Bolillo has invented the “uniconcha,” a purple, pink, blue and white concha. Conchas, Eater.com explains, are sweet rolls with a cookie-like top that resembles a seashell, hence the name, “concha.” The origin of these pan dulces is thought to go back all the way to pre-colonial times!

El Bolillo received a great deal of attention for their new, colorful breads. As they point out on Facebook, they were even featured by a French publication. Due to the success of the uniconchas, El Bolillo sells out of the sweet rolls as soon as they’re placed on the shelf. The bakery warns that like the unicorn frappuccino, the uniconchas will be temporary, as well. Some customers are already voicing their concerns over an imminent lack of uniconchas on Facebook. “Lets unite by letting the owner know we want UNICONCHAS BACK!” Mari Abarca wrote, worried that the sweets are already on their way out.

KHOU points out that in addition to the unicorn conchas, El Bolillo also makes unicorn tres leches cakes, proving that the love for the magical creatures is still going strong.

A little magic dust! #unicornfrappuccino #conchas #starbucks ?????

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