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Houston Cat Shelter Saved By Generous Donations From Locals

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ABC 13 writes that The Kitten House Rescue Adoption Center of Houston (located on FM-1960) will keep their shelter for their 100 residents thanks to donations made by local animal lovers. The organization was behind on their rent, $3,214.66 worth, due to low funds and the high cost of keeping so many animals happy and healthy.

The shelter’s GoFundMe page was only started on March 16th, and it’s already brought in $5,728 of their $5,022 goal from 88 donors. “Wow, what a relief!” they posted as an update alongside a photo of one of their beautiful (and sleepy) kitties. Since they reached their $3,214.66 so quickly, they added on the rent for April, hoping to go ahead and get a jump start on the funds so they don’t have to feel the pressure from their landlord and can remain focused on the cats in need. 

The shelter wrote that their landlord, NRE Realty, threatened to lock them out of the building in three days if they were unable to come up with the money. Obviously, with animals involved, the Kitten House Rescue Adoption Center panicked, but Houstonians were happy to help. Several of the comments alongside the donation amounts give their blessings to the organization.