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Houston Neighborhood Angry Over Crawfish Dumping Into Local Creek

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According to VisitHoustonTexas.com, crawfish season starts in February and lasts through May. “Mudbug season” brings those who like to chow down on the small crustaceans to the table, but sometimes, there are leftovers from a crawfish boil no matter how many hungry people attend.

KHOU writes that in the Oak Forest neighborhood in Houston near Bethlehem Street, two men were spotted emptying out a cooler full of crawfish boil leftovers into a shallow creek below, and locals are speaking out in anger.

“Why are they dumping this in here and not in the trash at home? It’s just a lot of rotting material in one location,” Jason Cothren told the news, disgusted that the wasted food is festering in the water where neighbors like to come feed the turtles. Cothren recognizes that perhaps the people who dumped the food might have thought they were going to treat some turtles to a delicious feast, but unfortunately, turtles want nothing to do with the dead crustaceans nor the veggies.

Locals are hoping that the men who poured out the food will come back and clean up the mess before the smell becomes outrageous. The City of Houston considers the act illegal dumping.