Houston Girl Sends Land Message to Astronaut Dad

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Stephanie, a 13-year-old from Houston, has been missing her astronaut dad while he’s at work in the International Space Station, so Hyundai helped her send an incredible message.

What followed not only reached her father, but also became, officially, “the largest tire track image,” confirmed by Guinness World Records. Because Stephanie’s astronaut dad is lucky enough to work at the International Space Station, situated miles above the earth, it also means that he’s gone for long periods.

While that’s not ideal, she decided she wanted to surprise him one day by having him just look down at their home city. So Hyundai stepped in to help this sweet girl deliver a message to her dad from Earth to space, using only the camera he uses to look down. They went to the desert and started planning. What they created through precision and Hyundai cars, of course, is the sweetest message ever, in Steph’s own handwriting.

As she says in the video, “he would be totally caught off guard if he saw a message,” and indeed, I can only imagine the shock one could have by seeing a personalized message from the Earth’s surface just for them!

Watch the video below to see the final message and hear this heartwarming story yourself.