Houston Could Become the Next ‘Global Food Mecca’

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Who doesn’t love a compliment? The city of Houston seems to be gaining some well-deserved notoriety this year as a great place for fine food. In April, the New York Times called Houston “one of the great eating capitals in America.” The food critic went on to say the city has the best food hands down in Texas, noting the help from the Gulf’s fresh ingredients.

Now, GQ is showering Houston with compliments with quotes from renowned chef and Jame Beard Award-winner, David Chang. He says that the diversity of the population has inspired food that seems to come from the future. Another great point Chang makes is that compared to other major cities, Houston has more relaxed zoning laws and more affordable rent for businesses which encourages creativity.

Chang calls out two chefs in particular that are ahead of the game. “…Justin Yu of Oxheart and Chris Shepherd of Underbelly. These guys would be successful anywhere, and it’s amazing what they’ve done in two very different parts of Houston.” (Oxheart is located in the Warehouse district, while Underbelly is in the Montrose.) Chang continues on with the flattery to say, “Houston also has America’s best Vietnamese food.”

Though it may not be a surprise to many Texans, it seems Houston’s foodie scene has finally caught the eye of people outside of the Lone Star State.