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Houston, Texas Hopes to Become Film and TV Destination

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Houstonians hope to romance the film and TV industry into using their metropolis as a filming location. Chron.com says the recent push to promote Houston came from Rick Ferguson, the executive director of the Houston Film Commission. Ferguson spoke to industry magazine MovieMaker about what makes Houston the perfect setting for a plethora of projects.

“It’s a number of things but certainly the diversity of Houston, compared to the other cities in the region of Texas, has become a source of pride for the people of Houston, as well as a source of stories to be told,” Ferguson told the interviewer.

In addition to the diversity of cultures, the Houston Film Commission explains the city also has a diverse landscape including an iconic skyline, 50,632 acres of parks, close access to the coast, huge sports venues, higher education sites and a large medical district. These varied locations provide film and television creative with endless options.

Unfortunately, the state’s film incentive budget was recently cut from $95 million to $32 million, leading many filmmakers to choose neighboring states for their location. But Houston sweetens the deal with its own grant offering $30,000 to recipients whose productions meet the proper criteria.

To learn more about film in Houston, check out the Houston Film Commission website.