In-N-Out Burger Soon to Open Locations in Houston

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Houstonians will need to brush up on In-N-Out Burger’s menu (including the secret-not-so-secret version) soon since ABC 13 reports that the company is “closing on multiple sites across the city and is expected to announce plans this year” about opening locations of the popular fast food chain.

Texans have heard about the allure of In-N-Out Burger for years. Currently, 33 locations of the fast food chain are sprinkled across the Austin and Dallas-Fort Worth area. Californians, in particular, have championed the eatery, and people are more than willing to spread their love of the chain around the internet. Blog posts like “27 Reasons In-N-Out Is Actually Heaven On Earth” on Buzzfeed have furthered the allure with statements like, “When the burger and fries come together on a tray, you can hear a choir of angels singing in the distance.”

Though Houstonians might feel skeptical at first, since Texas already has fast food perfection with Whataburger, the bright lights, cheerful employees, and delicious menu will draw many fast foodies in. In-N-Out’s menu looks very sparse and simple compared to other chains, but customers can order off of the secret menu for “animal style fries” (fries with grilled onions, cheese, and special sauce), “4 x 4” (four meat patties) or the “grilled cheese” (a burger with cheese instead of meat.)

More information on the secret menu can be found here and here.