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Houston Man Says He Was Set Up for Robbery by a Date

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Click2Houston.com reports that on Monday night, a 21-year-old Houston man received a Facebook message from a woman he once dated. After exchanging some private messages, they decided to meet up.

Strangely, she asked him to meet at Berry Elementary School at 9:00 at night, but the man told the news, “I didn’t think nothing of it.” When he arrived, he met her “brother” before driving off with his date.

Then, the night took a turn for the worse. The Houston man says that the so-called brother cut him off in his car, jumped out and held him at gunpoint. The woman exited her “date’s” car and drove off in her brother’s vehicle. Another man slid into her seat and held up a knife.

The pair of criminals held the Houston man at gun and knifepoint until they reached a field near the Hardy Toll Road where they staged the robbery and took the man’s truck and $700 from his wallet.

The victim told police, posted the story on Facebook, and told Click2Houston readers to look out for his stolen truck, a “red Dodge Ram 1500 with Texas plates DMH6370.”

He also says that he later found out the “brother” was actually her boyfriend. The story sounds wild, but it’s not without precedent. In 2015, a similar incident took place in Houston where a young woman stepped aside to let two men she knew attack and rob her “date.”