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Houston’s New Marriott Features Texas-Shaped What?

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The newly-built Marriott Marquis in downtown Houston has a design feature that Texans will feel makes perfect sense, is a necessary amenity, and only adds pure beauty to an otherwise boring old concept. That’s right; it’s a lazy river in the shape of the state of Texas. And why not?! When floating around to relieve the stress of your work trip, or lounging in the luke-warm water on your South Texas vacation, you want to do it in style, and frankly, if the lazy river isn’t shaped like Texas, then why bother. Just kidding. But seriously y’all, what a great water feature!

Houston’s New Marriott Features Texas-Shaped What?

Photo: Pinterest/Kate Hannah

This new hotel was set to be open this past week in Houston and is situated between Minute Maid Park and Toyota Center, across from the George R. Brown Convention Center. It boasts 1,000-rooms, cost approximately $370 million, and is preparing for its role as the host hotel for Super Bowl LI events.

Houston’s New Marriott Features Texas-Shaped What?

Photo: Pinterest/Vivian Chavarria-Houston Realtor

In an interview with My San Antonio, Director of Sales and Marketing, Jay Marsella, identified that the hotel was to have a soft opening on December 26th with roughly one hundred rooms pre-booked. He further explained that early January would be the busy period for the new Marriott, when the Super Bowl staff is expected to arrive in preparation for the upcoming game on February 4, 2017. If you’re a people-watcher, the opportunity to get a peek at some big names in the Houston area will happen at this hotel when, for the first time, it will remain open to the public as a Super Bowl event host hotel, enabling the public to walk in. This is something no previous host hotel has been allowed to do, remaining on full or partial lockdown.

Houston’s New Marriott Features Texas-Shaped What?

Photo: Pinterest/Cynthia Jackson

But the one amenity at the hotel that everyone will be talking about is that Texas-shaped lazy river, situated one hundred and ten feet above ground level, where guests can relax in 80-degree water or splash around in the infinity pool while taking in the Houston skyline. Aside from the anticipation of partaking in this dreamy delight, the hotel promises to host a number of big fundraisers, charity events, and of course, weddings, claiming to have the biggest ballroom in town.

Houston’s New Marriott Features Texas-Shaped What?

Photo: Pinterest/Saida McKenzie

The hotel will also feature some of the city’s most anticipated new restaurants, such as Hugo Ortega’s latest concept, Xochi, focusing on food and beverages from Oaxaca, Mexico, as well as Biggio’s sports bar. Biggio’s and other hotel restaurants are now open (coinciding with the December 26th soft opening), while Xochi won’t open until January. From the sounds of things, no guest will be disappointed with 29 floors, scrumptious food fare, 1,000 guest suites (including two presidential suites and four vice-presidential suites) and last but not least, a Texas-shaped lazy river!


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