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Houston Museum of Natural Science Updated Energy City Exhibit

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The Houston Museum of Natural Science (HMNS) has unveiled it’s newest and revamped Energy City exhibit located at the Wiess Energy Hall at HMNS. The improved exhibit brings state of the art interactive experiences along with detailed facts and information on the energy infrastructure of the city. “Our vision for the Wiess Energy Hall at the Houston Museum of Natural Science has always been to maintain prominence as the world’s finest and most comprehensive exhibition about the science and technology of hydrocarbon energy,” states its website.

According to an article by, “Upon entering Energy City, visitors step into a 2,500-square-foot 3-D representation of Houston, the Gulf and other parts of southeast and central Texas. The exhibit, which is powered by projections, highlights the Eagle Ford Shale, oil refining, liquefied natural gas terminals, nuclear plants, wind farms, power plants and solar thermal energy.”

Within the last decade, impressive and outstanding changes have occurred to the energy sector. Advances in technology have shot us full force into the 21st century with the “rapid rise of LEDs and vast improvements in touch-screen technology, video resolution, and large-format video screens,” shares HMNS.

“The developments described above indicate that the time is right to completely reimagine the Wiess Energy Hall, bringing its content and design into the exhilarating new realm of 21st-century energy production—in the world, in the US, and especially—in Texas.”

The interactive exhibits and rides such as the “Eagle Ford Shale Experience take visitors deep into the borehole of an oil well in down into the borehole of an oil well,” shared For more information about the Wiess Energy Hall watch the video above and visit the HMNS website. The grand opening of the exhibit is set for November 20, 2017.