Houston Highlighted by Two National Magazines as a Travel Hotbed

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Heading into 2019, the city of Houston has a lot to celebrate! Over the course of the last part of December, both the Food & Wine and Travel + Leisure publications honored the Bayou City with top rankings. The former named the Texas city in its number two spot on their list of “32 Places to Go (and Eat) in 2019,” while the latter recognized it among their “50 Best Places to Travel in 2019.”

Second only to Los Angeles with respect to Food & Wine’s list, Houston was given huge kudos for its worldly cuisine scene. Popular Houston restaurants and chefs were acknowledged for making it happen for H-Town, leaving little doubt they’ll be aiming for the number one slot in the coming year.

Houston Highlighted by Two National Magazines as a Travel Hotbed


Travel + Leisure noted that “Nearly two years after its star turn as Super Bowl host and one year since Hurricane Harvey inflicted $125 billion worth of damage,” Houston has worked hard to situate itself as a premier locale brimming with diversity. Giving shout-outs to a number of the foremost restaurants that make its dining scene so attractive as well as acknowledging its lively reputation, the national magazine made mention of noteworthy travel destinations throughout the city. Overlooking these locations would put domestic and international travelers at a serious disadvantage. Have you traveled to Houston recently? What are some of the hot-spots you enjoy in the Magnolia City?