The City of Houston Doesn’t Have an Official NYE Party Planned

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Many people feel burnt out this year. The year 2016 was rather rough and full of tragedies and ugly news. It seems that everyone is ready to see our calendars turn over to 2017 for a hopeful new start. Many major cities have huge NYE celebrations to welcome in the New Year, but strangely, the City of Houston doesn’t have an official party planned. “It is a little weird to not have one in the 4th largest city in the country,” Scott Sawyer told KHOU.

Perhaps the City of Houston feels like they’ve celebrated enough this year with all of their “signature events” which include “Thanksgiving Day Parade, the 4th of July Freedom over Texas Festival and the Christmas Tree Lighting.”

KHOU points to lack of funding and a focus on getting ready for the Super Bowl to be partially to blame for no official festivities on Saturday night. But some of the cities and suburbs surrounding the major city are picking up the slack. lists a few of the major events taking place in the Houston area. Many of the festivities are family-friendly, while others are more adult and will cost partygoers some cash to gain entry to celebrate the New Year.