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Houston Park Asks to be Removed from Pokemon Go Game

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Many businesses and parks have embraced becoming a Pokestop in the amazingly widespread game app called Pokemon Go. Pokestops require that players get close a listed landmark to acquire items to catch Pokemon. Unfortunately, not all landmarks like being part of the game.

Houston park Discovery Green is asking to be removed from the game app for safety reasons. They note that because people are staring at their phones when they’re playing, they miss potential dangers going on around them.

KHOU reports that Park President Barry Mandel said, “Folks aren’t paying attention so they’re walking into each other, they’re walking into kids, they’re walking into the street and they’re not paying attention.”

Pokemon Go player Will Graves isn’t happy with the decision. He stated, “It’s just a fun game. If you’re going to take it off just this one park, then you could put it on ten more parks…”

The game has encouraged many people to get out and experience parks they haven’t been to before, and while Discovery Green likes that aspect, they feel a loss of control. Mandel says that crowds of people are visiting the park late in the night to catch rare Pokemon, but the park officially closes at 11:00 PM.

It’s unknown when Pokemon Go will take care of Discovery Green’s request.