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Houston Parking Garage Demolition Takes Scary Turn

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When onlookers from a nearby office building saw a Houston parking garage begin to shake and sway over top of the construction workers, one began to film the scene.

What resulted was firsthand footage of a parking garage in Houston’s Corporate Plaza collapsing onto the construction workers who weren’t prepared for the structure to fall as quickly and easily as it did. Having reached the final stages of the demolition process, the Cherry Demolition crew planned on taking the Houston parking garage down slowly, but surely.

The parking garage, however, had other plans as seen in this frightening footage of the structure collapsing onto the construction workers. The workers, thankfully, walked away unharmed from the incident. The video below, posted on YouTube, states that “the bets being referred to in the office chatter are about the general demolition schedule, not the well-being of any of the workers.”

Note: This video features more than a few instances of unsavory language.