Houston Police Arrest Woman After Finding Her Exotic Animals

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Trisha Meyer’s Cypresswood Drive home was an intense one due to her collection of exotic animals. According to Click2Houston, she had permits to have three tigers, and she also kept several “vicious” monkeys, a skunk, fox, and cougar.

Meyer came to the attention of Houston police when she told a man in California that she would sell a rare Savannah kitten to him for $3,000. After he wired the money, he didn’t hear from Meyer. When authorities showed up at her home, they were shocked to find many of the wild animals roaming freely. writes, “They were greeted by the sight of three tiger cubs and a skunk roaming through the living room, bedroom, kitchen and front door entrance – while Meyer’s 14-year-old daughter petted the exotic beasts.”

Fearing for the homeschooled teen’s safety, the authorities charged Meyer with child endangerment, but after her landlord kicked them out (who claimed to not know about the animals), Meyer fled to Nevada. Now, she’s been arrested for both theft and child endangerment.

According to Click2Houston, when Nevada police found her, “The tigers were in the backyard feeding on raw chicken. The backyard was contained by a 4-foot tall fence. A 17-year-old juvenile was supervising the feeding tigers, police said.” Meyer will be brought back to Houston to face authorities. There was no report on what will happen to the animals.