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This Houston Realtor Offers Free Tacos with the Purchase of a Home

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“Never thought I’d see the day when I’d have to file for a trademark regarding tacos as a realtor… but today was the day,” Nicole Lopez posted to Facebook. This Houston-based realtor has discovered the perfect way to make herself memorable and provide a little something extra to give potential homebuyers an incentive to make a decision. Lopez offers $250 in free tacos to those who purchase a home she’s selling, and she proudly displays the incentive on her For Sale signs.

When KHOU spoke with Lopez, they asked if the taco-themed incentive that has made news all the way out to Toronto seemed to be working. Lopez replied that a recent home with the sign is now “under contract and they are super excited for their taco party at the end of this month.”

While taking the taco offer isn’t required, people seem to really respond to the one-of-a-kind gesture.  Lopez explains, “In Texas it’s illegal to offer anything above $50 in terms of a referral or a client gift. So what we’ve done, is we’ve actually partnered with our sellers and they’ve agreed to offer a $250 credit. So they can take it in terms of closing costs, or if they really want the tacos, we can make sure they have tacos at closing as well.”

And in case you’re wondering, the tacos credit is redeemable at Torchy’s Tacos.