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Houston Rockets Have a New Owner

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It’s official! The Houston Rockets have a new owner, and it’s not Beyoncé. Rumors had been swirling around about the pending sale of the basketball franchise the Houston Rockets.

Several names had been thrown around as possible interest rose in ownership of the team including Beyoncé and former Rockets player Dikembe Mutombo, among many other NBA stars and celebrities. The team, that was estimated to be worth close to $2 billion, was sold by its former owner Les Alexander in a record deal to “Houston businessman Tilman J. Fertitta, sole owner of the Landry’s restaurant empire and Golden Nugget Casinos and Hotels” for $2.2 billion, according to an nba.com article.

The talks to sell the team had started since early July and the deal was confirmed on Tuesday, September 5, 2017. “I am truly honored to have been chosen as the next owner of the Houston Rockets.  This is a life-long dream come true,” said Fertitta, a native of Galveston and life-long resident of the Houston area.  “Leslie Alexander has been one of the best owners in all of sports, and I thank him immensely for this opportunity,” shared Fertitta in a nba.com article.

The Houston Rockets shot to NBA stardom when they won back to back championships back during the 1993-’94 and 1994-’95 seasons. With its own superstars waiting to take center stage such as James Harden we wait to see what kind of season the Rockets have in store for its fans.

In a recent article by usatoday.com, it was stated that the Rockets recently acquired Chris Paul from the Los Angeles Clippers in late June. “Harden, who signed a four-year extension this summer and will earn a combined $228 million by the end of the 2022-23 season, had everything to do with the move.”