New Houston Homeowners Find Skeletal Remains in Their Attic

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In the Houston Heights neighborhood, in a bungalow surrounded by a new development, the Houston Fire Department uncovered skeletal remains after new homeowners moved in and noticed a pair of glasses and possible human bones through a gap in their attic floor’s plywood. According to ABC 13, PD homicide detective Jason Fay says the fire department found scraps of fabric along with the bones that were most likely disrupted by rodents.

In 2015, the former homeowner, 61-year-old Mary Cerruti, disappeared. Neighbors attempted to check on her and workers renovated the property, but no one ever noticed the remains of a human in the bungalow. The Houston Chronicle says Cerruti was seen as a shy person, but she stood up against the large luxury apartment complex towering over her home in planning meetings.

Fay says that “it’s possible the person tripped in the attic and fell into the empty space.” It could have been Cerruti, or forensics could uncover that the bones belong to someone else. Either way, there are many emotions circulating around the case. Neighbors feel as though they “failed” the late Cerruti, and the new homeowners are adapting to the idea of a tragic mystery based inside their new house. Read more about the complicated ordeal here.