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The Houston Zoo Recently Welcomed a Bunch of Sweet Baby Animals

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During the summer, it’s expected that a few babies will join the zoo family, but the Houston Zoo had a bumper crop of cute new additions this year. The biggest baby being Joy, their new 305-pound baby elephant born to mother Shanti on Wednesday night after two long years of pregnancy! KHOU says she’ll have some time alone with mom before her introduction to the public.

Some of the smaller babies who have already emerged this summer are two beautifully speckled red river hogs. KHOU writes that they were born on June 27th to Luna, the first red river hog to give birth at the Houston Zoo. They live alongside the gorillas and are out for guests to see.

A sea lion named Cali gave birth to her first pup on June 26th, and a week before, five stingrays were born in the aquarium section, as well. Each of white blocked river stingrays have their own unique spotted patterns. They are still being kept “behind the scenes.”

Two Palawan peacock-pheasants were also born. “The zoo is helping to save this species in the wild through the Take Action Initiative for Palm Oil. Guests can also help this species in the wild by checking labels and purchasing products made with sustainable palm oil,” they write on their website.

And finally, the zoo welcomes new baby African bush vipers. As seen below, they’re small enough to wrap around a pencil. Instead of being born out of eggshells, these colorful vipers are born live!

See more photos from the summer baby boom here.