The Houston Zoo Welcomes a 29-Year-Old Gorilla

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Though the Houston Zoo is still recovering from the loss of their male lion, Jonathan, they announced on Friday that a new member of the zoo has arrived in Houston. After living in the Denver Zoo, a gorilla named Angel will join the Houston Zoo family.

Angel is a western lowland gorilla who’s 29-years-old, and she’s still getting acclimated to her new environment and family. For a little while, visitors will not be able to see her until she’s settled in, and her fellow gorillas will interact with her through a mesh divider. quoted the Houston Zoo, “Once the integration is complete, she will reside with the family group of gorillas which includes silverback Zuri, adult females Holly and Binti, and adolescent female Sufi.” The male gorillas, Chaka, Mike and Ajari, will continued to be separated from the females.

The primate supervisor at the Houston Zoo, Jill Moyse, says that Angel is a “gorilla’s gorilla” meaning she gets along well with her fellow gorillas. Gorillas are vegetarians, and Angel has a particular treat that many human vegetarians enjoy as well – popcorn! Moyse says that popcorn reminds her of her time at the Denver Zoo, but hopefully Angel will grow attached to her new home in Houston soon.