Houstonians are Preparing Their Palates for Crawfish Season

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Many Texans love to eat the bright red freshwater crustaceans known by many names like mudbugs, freshwater lobsters, crayfish, or crawfish. These little creatures require some deconstructing before eating, (there’s even a Wikihow article on how to eat a crawfish), but every year crawdad fans eagerly await the season when these crustaceans are plentiful and start showing up on local menus.

Houstonians don’t have to wait much longer to dig in to a pile of freshwater lobsters. In fact, according to, a few restaurants were serving up crawfish platters before Christmas. “Warmer temperatures these past few years have led many restaurants to put them on the menu even in November and December,” they explain.

Atchafalaya Crawfish in Pearland, Crawfish Shack in Crosby, Ragin’ Cajun locations, and BB’s Café are all serving well-seasoned crawfish. Be sure to call before you head over to a restaurant just to make sure they have the crustaceans ready.

But don’t rub in your excitement for crawfish to our neighbors in Louisiana. Business Report recently wrote that the crawfish season in Louisiana has been less than stellar. They cite the “lingering effects from floods, droughts and now a cold snap” for the poor crawfish conditions.