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How to Deep Fry Rattlesnake: Turning Pest to Best

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As record numbers of rattlesnakes were debuted at roundups around the state this spring, here’s a video on how to deep fry rattlesnake. As our grandparents always said, “Waste not, want not.”

Now, it’s not ideal to ever stumble across a rattlesnake, but it is a reality in Texas. Knowing how to effectively cook and deep fry rattlesnake is one way to fully utilize every part of that neighborhood pest. Here, YouTube’s deepfriedking gives his viewers what they want: a video on how to eat rattlesnake.

While you can make rattlesnake in a number of ways, deep frying the little sucker is obviously the best way to enjoy it. The meat of rattlesnake is super lean, as he points out, so wrapping it in bacon would taste delicious.

However, that pancake batter for deep frying sounds just as good as ever. It is a little unappetizing seeing a skinned and cleaned rattlesnake tube, but it looks normal once you cut it up into bite-size pieces for delicious snacking.

Make sure to always generously season any kind of meat you’re working with, whether it be rattlesnake or chicken breasts. Infusing flavor before you even begin the cooking process will render the best results every time.