How to Peel an Apple with a Power Drill

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Just when you think you’ve seen it all, someone holds a peeler up to an apple attached to a power drill. Seriously.

A YouTube video, featured below, has recently surfaced of someone who has run the bit of a power drill directly through the center core of an apple. Holding a vegetable peeler to the fruit, he revs up the power drill and moves the peeler only slightly. Soon the apple is peeled and no one has lost a finger, thankfully.

If you look at all of the peels in his sink, it’s clear that this was a very practiced stunt before filming it. That should alert you not to try this at home even more so. Can you just imagine if the vegetable peeler had slipped? It would have been horrific.

What will people think of and record next? This is one of the wildest ways to peel a fruit or vegetable out there on the internet now, but I know most of us will leave the power drill in the garage for now.

If you can master this, however, it would be an excellent way to move quickly through those apples you need to peel for apple pie.