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How to Turn Your Old Tires into Sweet DIY Planters

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This awesome tutorial shows you how to turn old tires into DIY planters for both a great yard display and sweet project to complete with kids.

What better way to engage the little ones in the family than by letting them paint all over something they normally wouldn’t! With summer coming, many parents and grandparents are racking their brains with fun outdoor activities that are low-cost and fun for their kids.

This tutorial is a great way to get the kids outside and inspire some creativity. Who knows, you may discover that one of them is the next Picasso waiting to happen!

You can pick tires from a local shop or scrap yard typically for free, though there may be a small fee. From there, pick up some safe paint and let the little ones get crafting.

The full video is featured below with other great tips for completing this project.