Huge Christmas Ornament Stolen, Found, Then Damaged Once Returned

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At Northline Commons shopping center along the North Freeway in Houston, property managers were perplexed when they discovered that one of their Christmas decorations had been stolen. A 300-pound red and gold ornament was taken from the common area of the center on the morning of the 17th.

News outlets like ABC 13 reported on the missing ornament, telling anyone with information to contact Northline Commons for a reward. The next day, a couple found the 8-foot orb lying in an overgrown grassy area. According to Click2Houston, they couldn’t help but notice it while “driving through a newly developed neighborhood near James C. Leo Road.”

The massive decoration made its triumphant return to the shopping center, and then on Tuesday morning, the ornament was run over by a truck. It was an honest accident when someone backed into the orb with an SUV, and it seems to suit the ornament’s luckless life.


The red decoration is worth about $7,000, and it has achieved a bit of fame at this point for its misadventures. Senior general manager of Northline Commons Jeff Procell told Click2Houston, “I’m not giving up on this ornament.” Perhaps the decoration will have a happy ending one way or another!