This 75 Pound Pearl Has Been Hidden For a Decade

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A fisherman stored a 75 pound, 2 foot long and 1 foot wide pearl under his bed for 10 years in the Philippines. After finding the gorgeous specimen that filled the entire interior of a giant clam, he decided to keep the sculptural object as a token of good luck.

Once the fisherman decided to move away, he bestowed the heavy pearl upon his relative, Aileen Cynthia Maggay-Amurao, for safekeeping. Since Maggay-Amurao works as a tourism officer in Puerto Princesa (a city on the island of Palawan), she convinced the oddity’s owner to let her show it off a bit at their city hall. Now, the irregularly shaped natural object is an attraction for tourists and locals to snap a grinning photo in front of.

Previously, the world’s largest pearl was thought to be “The Pearl of Allah” or “Pearl of Lao Tzu,” which was found in the 1930s. NPR states, “That pearl, which the Guardian says was valued at $93 million in 2003, weighs 14 pounds — a fraction of the size of the newly revealed pearl.”

Some news outlets report that this 75 pound wonder has an estimated value of $100 million. It still officially belongs to the fisherman who originally discovered it a decade ago who deems it priceless.