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Watch a Huge Spool Roll Down a Texas Highway, Frantic Drivers Dodging

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You can see some strange sights on Texas highways, but few are more terrifying than what Houston drivers spotted rolling toward them on Interstate 10 in late October 2018.  Marie Cervantez was driving through rush hour traffic at noon in her VW Bug. Her dashboard camera recorded her passing a semi-truck hauling a load of several giant cable spools. Then the video recorded a terrible bang.

One of the cable spools apparently hit the top of a railroad bridge over the highway and came loose from the truck bed, rolling down the road. Marie said the spool also grazed her VW, scratching up the side, though the damage was so light that she didn’t realize it had even touched her car until she later stopped at a gas station and saw the scratches.

Video: Facebook/Tucson News Now

The giant spool of fiber optics cable came rolling through the Houston traffic. Drivers dodged the huge, moving obstacle. A few managed to get video of the spool’s path down the highway. Other drivers actually texted about the incident while they drove past, adding to the danger of the situation.

Traffic was backed up until road crews managed to move the huge spool. “Luckily nobody got hit,” Marie told Tucson News Now. All involved in the accident are extremely fortunate that no one was injured or, worse yet, killed as a result of the lost load.

Watch a Huge Spool Roll Down a Texas Highway, Frantic Drivers Dodging

Photo: Pixabay.com

It just goes to prove that Texas drivers should always be alert and cautious, prepared for anything they might meet on a stretch of Lone Star State highway. And if you do meet up with a huge rolling spool? Keep your eyes on the road and leave the videography to your passenger.