Hunt Ghosts at the Haunted Hill House in Mineral Wells

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Tony Maples Photography


Located on Northeast 1st Street in Mineral Wells, Texas, sits the Haunted Hill House. Also home to the infamously haunted Baker Hotel, Mineral Wells has a unique history all its own. The town that lies west of Fort Worth, at the junction of highways 180 and 281, was once famous for its mineral spring water, hence the name. It was quite a popular place for the very same reason back in the early 20th century, but now it’s popular for stories of paranormal activity in haunted hotels and haunted homes that run fairly deep.

Among the stories of hauntings belonging to Hill House, most date back to a number of deaths that are said to have occurred there. As local history goes, the home was the setting for more than 150 years of various lifestyles, including illegal activity. Gambling, bootlegging, and prostitution among them, the home’s close proximity to the ill-reputed Baker Hotel (another such haunted locale for which the town is famed) has fueled those stories to no end. Being so close allowed for the concept that those who were accommodated at the Baker could easily make their way to the more discreet Hill House for the goings-on with which it was often alleged to be associated.

Video: YouTube/The Russell Rush Haunted Tour

Shared on the Russell Rush Haunted Tour YouTube channel, the video above speaks to the history of Haunted Hill House in Mineral Wells quite well. The home, which was constructed in 1880, is open to tours such as this, after serving its final years (50, to be exact) of full-time occupation as a makeshift hospital. Tours said to have captured proof of the existence of spirits in the home do exist. Overnight paranormal evidence sessions, as well as guided tours for Haunted Hill House, can be arranged. In fact, frequent lockdowns over the course of a night are often held by investigative teams interested in the types of spirits that may yet reside there. Likewise, a group can also book an overnight stay without the accompaniment of a team of paranormal investigators! Those willing to brave a tour or an overnight stay can buy their tickets at the link available here. But, be forewarned, according to stories, the spirits can sense when a guest is scared and apparently have a tendency to become more active as a result!