Hunt Hondo: A World-Class Outdoor Expo in God’s Country

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Hondo, Texas, is the home of world-class dove hunting. Not only is it a beautiful Texas Hill Country town, but it’s situated immediately along the migratory path of this game bird. With Hondo’s excellent agricultural land, small forested areas along the outskirts, and well-positioned bodies of water, hunters know that it’s the place to be when the season opens on September 1, 2019. Not only that, but the town welcomes their business, observing the hunt, fun, and comradery that comes with the annual event.  This year, the Hondo Area Chamber of Commerce is holding its Hunt Hondo event on August 31, 2019. Hunt Hondo welcomes hunters and enthusiasts to an all-ages celebration of the area’s status as a top Texas hunting location. Featuring a number of exciting and instructive competitions and classes, this year’s event will also boast an outdoor expo unlike any other. It all combines to make for an event worthy of its name and of those who enjoy this Lone Star State pastime with a passion.

The “Outrun the Gun 5K” will kickoff this family-focused event. This fun-run/walk begins at 8 a.m. at the Medina County Fair Hall. It will have three divisions—youth, men, and women. Awards will be given to the winner in each category as well as the runner dressed in their best camo attire. The entry fee for this race is $20, which includes an “Outrun the Gun” t-shirt! Registration can be completed at the link available here. This friendly competition sets the stage for the rest of the day’s events, which the entire family is sure to enjoy.

Hunt Hondo: A World-Class Outdoor Expo in God’s Country

Photo: Flickr/Florida Fish and Wildlife/FWC photo by Tim Donovan

From 10 a.m. until 4 p.m., the Hunt Hondo outdoor expo will be open, offering everything an outdoor enthusiast could ever want! From hunting and fishing gear to organized trips, from rifles and knives to specialized apparel and so much more, the vendors at this event will have something for everyone. From the younger enthusiasts to the more experienced hunter, visitors will walk away with treasure from this world-class outdoor expo. It’s a golden opportunity to find insider information, hunting-related items, and sports gear, as well as all the necessary paraphernalia for a dove hunt. Hondo prides itself on properly introducing younger generations to bird identification, safety, and hunting ethics while incorporating the knowledge and experience of those who regularly visit the area for dove hunts. This expo will match all the right buyers with all the right vendors, making the annual hunt a huge success! Indoor as well as outdoor vendor applications can be found at the link provided here. Entry for shoppers is $5 and can be purchased online or on-site.

Hunt Hondo: A World-Class Outdoor Expo in God’s Country

Photo: Facebook/NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife

Of course, no Hunt Hondo event would be the same without the food. Between special events, vendors and food trucks will be on-site throughout the day for attendees to eat ’til they shop… ’er drop. Applications for those interested in selling tasty food fare can be found on the Hondo Area Chamber of Commerce website at the link available here. The highly anticipated Parisa Pachanga tasting will cap off your foodie dreams for the day. Those who aren’t yet familiar with Parisa will be pleasantly surprised! This regional recipe has been passed down through several generations of the French/German families who originally settled the area. Hondo and the surrounding area is famous for this unique meat spread traditionally made with raw beef (or venison or bison, depending on the recipe), finely chopped and mixed with peppers, onions, various spices, and cheddar cheese. It’s cured using lime or lemon juice and is similar to a type of pate. It’s also known to best be served over a saltine cracker. This is the third year for Hunt Hondo to host the Parisa Pachanga tasting, and it’s since become one of the event’s highlights!

Hunt Hondo: A World-Class Outdoor Expo in God’s Country

Photo: Pixabay

Kids aren’t left out of the equation at Hunt Hondo either. Children ages five and up can enter the Kids Camo Contest, wearing their finest camo clothing and gear (but no live weapons, please). They’ll compete for prizes in the categories of top boy, top girl, and overall camo cutie. And that’s not all—they can learn from demonstrations, spend time with family touring the vendors and enjoying the delicious food, and become familiar with hunting safety guidelines and equipment in the process. Speaking of which, avid outdoorsmen and women will want to get their names in for available raffles for prizes including dove hunts, fishing trips, and the latest gear! A silent auction will be held in the evening for sponsor donations including everything from top-of-the-line hunting equipment to top-tier group experiences.

Hunt Hondo: A World-Class Outdoor Expo in God’s Country

Photo: Facebook/Hondo Area Chamber of Commerce

Beginning at 7 p.m. through 11 p.m. on August 31, Hunt Hondo will host the Dove Dance, with fantastic live music. Kick up your heels and cut a rug! Tickets are now available for the Dove Dance, including the Parisa Pachanga, for the low price of $10 at the link available here. Guests can also purchase tickets at the door. Those looking for a deal can purchase the ticket bundle for both the Outdoor Expo as well as the Dove Dance for a savings of $3, if you purchase online at this link. You can also visit the Hondo Area Chamber of Commerce office (temporarily located at 1608 Ave. M.).

Hunt Hondo: A World-Class Outdoor Expo in God’s Country

Photo: Facebook/Alainah Schmidt

Plan to make it to the annual Hunt Hondo event in the Texas Hill Country on August 31, 2019! It’s an unforgettably fun experience that the entire family will enjoy. For more information on this wonderful outdoor experience, visit the Hondo Area Chamber of Commerce website at the link provided here or follow their Facebook page for current updates, Outdoor Expo details, and raffle/contest information.