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Get Ready to Hunt Sasquatch at the Southeast Texas Bigfoot Conference

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While stories of cryptid sightings across the Lone Star State abound, southeast Texas and east Texas appear to be the main stomping grounds of one particular cryptid that we all know and love: Bigfoot.

In fact, the area is so rife with alleged sightings that in Huntsville, enthusiasts, biologists, and skeptics alike have put together the Southeast Texas Bigfoot Conference. 

Bigfoot in Texas

Photo: Rob Roy Menzies/Texas Bigfoot Researchers

The conference will feature a bevy of speakers, which include researchers, field biologists, TV personalities, eyewitnesses, and other enthusiasts. Vendors will be at the event as well, so you’ll have a chance to find any type of Sasquatch paraphernalia you’ve been itching to get your mitts on.

Evidence collection seminars/classes will be held. In these talks, samples of alleged evidence will be presented, along with tutorials on how to collect samples and properly assemble what the experts call a “collection kit.”

The Map of Bigfoot

Photo: Facebook/Southeast Texas Bigfoot

The conference will also feature some juicy door prizes, which all attendees are eligible to wine, and a silent auction. All proceeds from the silent auction will be donated to The Lucky Fin Project and Honor Flight.

The Lucky Fin Project provides support and research for children with birth defects. Honor Flight provides military veterans with transportation to Washington D.C. to visit the memorials for the wars in which they fought.

Bigfoot print in mud
Photo: Facebook/Southeast Texas Bigfoot

Tickets are available for purchase through the event website for a variety of prices and options. The conference will begin the night of April 20, 2018, and continue all day on April 21 at the Walker County Fairgrounds. Attendees of the conference are also being offered special rates at a local host hotel.

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