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The Hunt Store: Where Music, Food, and Community Converge

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Located on the corner of Highway 39 and Dutch Street in Hunt, Texas, just minutes outside of Kerrville in the heart of the Texas Hill Country, sits The Hunt Store. Lovingly referred to as simply, “The Store,” by locals, The Hunt Store has had several incarnations over the years but one thing hasn’t changed: The Hunt Store operates as the hub of the Hunt community and has done so for over 70 years.

The Hunt Store began in 1946 as a grocery store, which also housed a gas station and post office. Over the years there have been a variety of owners of The Store, and with each owner, The Store takes on a greater role in serving the Hunt community. From offering refrigerated food lockers for rent to the locals for storing meats, to housing the town’s only bank, The Hunt Store is a fixture in the Hill Country.

More Than Just a Store

The Hunt Store community

Photo: Facebook/The Hunt Store

One way that The Hunt Store has served its community through the years is by providing a meeting spot for locals to gather and discuss the day’s news, the weather, and maybe even share a little gossip. This group of locals is a fixture at The Store every morning as they “earn their keep,“ by getting the coffee started, bringing in the newspapers and making sure that The Store is ready for another day of business. This group is also the first to jump into action whenever the community needs them. From helping fight brush fires to assisting with a broken down vehicle, The Store’s friendly group of locals are always there: loyal to The Store and to their community.

Come for the Food, Stay for the Music

the Hunt Store Music

Photo: Facebook/The Hunt Store

In addition to the varied food menu at The Hunt Store, including breakfast, interesting entrees, and even gluten-free options, The Store also plays host to live music on the patio. The Store regularly features popular Texas Hill Country bands who play tunes that will get everyone’s toes tapping. The Hunt Store is a great spot to spend a night out with the family and listen to some live music in the Texas Hill Country.

Hunt, Texas

Hunt Texas

Photo: Facebook/The Hunt Store

Hunt, Texas, which sits at the confluence of the North and South forks of the Guadalupe River – in the very heart of the Hill Country – was once called Japonica. When Japonica was purchased from Bob Hunt and a U.S. Postal Office was built, the name of the settlement was officially changed to Hunt, Texas.

These days, Hunt is famous for, not only The Hunt Store but also for its many summer camps, where generations of Texans spend the exciting summer days of youth. The natural beauty of the Guadalupe River and the rolling, scenic hills of central Texas also draw people from far and wide to the Hunt, Texas area where communities remain strong and traditions are intact.

To learn more about The Hunt Store, visit their website or follow them on Facebook to stay in-the-know about events.