World-class Hunting and Fishing Opportunities Abound in Burnet

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Many Texans live in a suburban or urban setting, where parking lots outnumber pastures. Finding themselves on freeways more often than in forests, they sometimes long for a moment when the line at the cash register isn’t the only way they can stand tall at the top of the food chain. Enter Burnet, Texas. Founded in 1852 and known as the “Bluebonnet Capital of Texas,” Burnet is also synonymous with outdoor opportunities. Hunting and fishing have become second nature to area residents, and sportsmen and women alike travel from throughout the state to get a piece of the action.

Hunting and Fishing Resources are Second Nature in Burnet

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As fewer and fewer Texas Hill Country property owners were able to make a living through traditional ranching and farming, the concept of employing their vast, wide-open spaces for other uses became popular. Hunting has seen a great growth spurt in Burnet as a result.

The area has become a productive habitat for many wildlife species (especially the whitetail deer), and many a driver can readily inform you about the boon that awaits you at a number of hunting locales around Burnet before you’ve even set foot off the beaten path. Hunting leases are available to be negotiated with private landowners, or you can coordinate a hunt through a local ranch or outfitter service. A quick online search will yield some direct contacts, and more can be found on social media outlets such as Instagram and Facebook.

Hunting and Fishing Resources are Second Nature in Burnet

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Fishing, camps, guide services, and outfitters abound in Burnet, with water access at Marble Falls, Horseshoe Bay, Kingsland, and Lake Buchanan, just to name a few. The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department provides current online information with respect to Lake Buchanan fishing regulations, opportunities, cover and structures, and fishing tips and tricks. Other local outfitters will assist would-be Burnet fishing parties in advance with licensing requirements, gear, rentals, and hot tips on the best fishing holes.

Hunting and Fishing Resources are Second Nature in Burnet

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Because the opportunity is so rare in urban settings, or because the natural and peaceful beauty of Burnet is so appealing, Burnet has what every Texas hunting and fishing trip needs – success.  You won’t hear about “the one that got away” in Burnet because guides offer up their best spots for anglers. Hunting and fishing fuel the local economy, and that means everyone wants satisfied customers to make a return trip to the Texas Hill Country.  The best hunting experience you’ll ever have is just a phone call away. Burnet provides hunters and anglers with a great sense of freedom and a wonderful connection with nature. Burnet is the place to get it all!