5 New Hunting Products for Your Next Hill Country Hunting Trip

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Tony Maples Photography


Get everything you expected from your next Hill Country Hunt with these new products for 2016-2017. The hunting industry has stepped up its game this year with some great new products that will take your hunt to the next level.

1. Flir Scout PS Series – Starting at $599


Photo: FLIR

This new thermal imaging monocular will give you low light and night vision options up to 100 yards. This product is great for predator hunting, especially waiting on those hogs to come in at dark. What would be better than being able to see them coming through the woods from 100 yards away? Be ready with this new thermal imaging monocular that also has camera settings for still images and video recording.

2. Rage Hypodermic + P Broadhead – $50 


Photo: Facebook/Rage Broadheads

The new Hypodermic + P broadhead leads the game. It is a mechanical broadhead that takes penetration to a new level. With a 2-inch entry cut that backs down to 1.5 inches when fully positioned, it makes this broad head a heavy hitter on big game animals. This mechanical retains its blades until impact with Rage’s well-known shock collar that ensures your broadhead blades will not deploy early.

3. Halo XRAY 1000 Long-Range Rangefinder – $229


Photo: HALO

The Halo XRAY 1000 Long-Range Rangefinder takes hunters to an incredible distance of up to 1000 yards. The AI Technology accurately detects slope and elevation measurements. A clear and readable LCD has Dawn and Dusk modes, making it easier to transition from sunlight to low-light conditions. Great for bow hunting and rifle hunting with 6X magnification.

4. Scent-A-Way Bio-Strike Scent Killer – $9.99


Photo: Facebook/Bucks of Indiana

Take your game to the next level, the new Bio-Strike Scent Killer from Hunters Specialties is an odorless scent killing formula using silver nano shield technology. The new Bio-Strike scent elimination system is 2X as effective as the second most active rival formula. Be scentless when you go out into the field with the new Bio-Strike scent killer.

5. ThermoScent Double Draw Disbursement System –  $24


Photo: Facebook/ThermoScent

The newly formulated ThermoScent is realistic and natural. It uses heat and whatever kind of scent you choose to mask your smell. It has two sides in the drawstring weatherproof pouch, one side for your wick and one side renewable heat. The heat pack heats the scent to a natural core heat of most of the animals we hunt which makes it more desirable for the animal and creates a stronger smell by using heat.