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Hye, Texas: The Perfect Detour When Traveling Through the Hill Country

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Located between Johnson City and Fredericksburg is a little hamlet that you would likely miss if you blinked. Hye, Texas, population 16 is making a name for itself in the Texas Hill Country. Sitting in western Blanco County, the town was founded by Hiram (“Hye”) G. Brown and his parents when they settled in the Rocky Creek area of Blanco County, circa 1872. Brown constructed a small store and house near the Pedernales River and was appointed postmaster upon getting a post office established in his store on April 17, 1886. The post office was named Hye for him.

Stompin’ Grounds of LBJ

Hye, Texas

Photo: Flickr/Nicolas Henderson

Hye gained particular attention in 1965 when President Lyndon Johnson used the front porch of the post office as the setting for his appointment of Lawrence F. O’Brien as United States Postmaster General. Johnson, whose boyhood home is nearby, also claimed to have mailed his first letter at the age of four from the Hye post office.

Hye Market

Hye Market

Photo: Facebook/HyeMarket

This historic post office building still serves as the hub of the community but operates now as Hye Market, a restaurant and Tasting Room located in the historical Hye Post Office that the Hye community loves and has protected for many decades. As the world continues to move faster every day, Hye both keeps up with the growing needs of the cherished Hye community, but also offers a place to slow down and enjoy what might have been left in the past. 

Garrison Brothers Distillery

Hye Texas

Photo: Facebook/garrisonbros

Garrison Brothers is home to the first and oldest legal whiskey distillery in Texas. Garrison Brothers Texas Straight Bourbon Whiskey is available statewide in Texas and. due to its increasing popularity, will soon be distributing their bourbon in New York, Colorado, Arizona, Louisiana, California and Florida. Visit the Garrison Brothers website or Facebook page to learn more and plan your visit to Hye.