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Travel to Hye, Texas for Great Food, Spirits, and Hospitality

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Summer, winter, spring, or fall… it’s always the perfect time to take a drive through the Texas Hill Country. No matter where you venture, you’re promised the best scenery around.  Now, don’t be driving too fast, and don’t blink, instead,  stop in and say “hi” in Hye, Texas. There’s no detour needed, but if there was, you’d certainly want to take it.

To find this little town, take a drive down Highway 290 between Fredericksburg and Johnson City, around 4 miles from the LBJ Ranch. There is not even a traffic light in this tiny town, but who needs that kind of hassle, anyway. Hye is the most perfect place to stop and chill out for a day, or two, or even three. It may not look like much at first, but looks can be deceiving.

The History

Hye Post OfficePhoto: Flickr/ Beth Wilson

The Hye Post Office and General Store earned itself an official Texas Landmark back in 1966. It is still in operation today. Locals and business owners alike rallied together and fought hard to keep it open when it was threatened to close in 2011.  Today, the store is busier than ever.

The post office has quite a bit of history behind it. Lyndon Baines Johnson stood on that front porch to announce his appointment as U.S. Postmaster General in 1965. Johnson also claimed to have mailed his very first letter at the age four years-old from this very location. His boyhood home is nearby.

Hye is home to the friendliest people, who are more than willing to swap even more stories with you if you have a mind to listen.  The city continues to keep up with the times and is gaining in popularity for places to live and to visit. This spot in The Texas Hill Country is true to the brands and traditions of the Lone Star state. You’ll love the shopping here.

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