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The Hyperloop One Train System Becomes Possibility for Texas

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KSAT reports that the recent Hyperloop One Global Challenge has government and community groups, universities, and companies competing to grab Hyperloop One’s attention to consider bringing their high-tech, super-fast train system to their area. If this convenient transportation were to become a reality, it could revolutionize how people travel within the state. A team called the “Texas Triangle” proposed connecting Dallas to Houston (which would take 46 minutes on the Hyperloop train), Dallas to Austin (19 minutes), Austin to San Antonio (8 minutes,) San Antonio to Houston (21 minutes,) and Laredo to San Antonio (16 minutes.)

In the video below from Wired, viewers can see the first test drive of the train and how it looks inside of its enclosed white tube. Computer animations show how the set-up could appear over a vast portion of land with the train reaching up to 700 miles per hour with no wind resistance to hold it back.

An entire passenger car wasn’t used in the test drive, so many people will remain skeptical about how quickly Hyperloop One could move forward with their ambitious design. But as commenter darrylkid points out, ” …If a man went to the moon, I truly believe we can do this.”