This Ice Cream Parlor Makes a Massive and Colorful Sundae with 22 Scoops

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Customers are constantly snapping photos inside of Mo & Moshi for Instagram, and once you see the portion sizes for their extravagant ice cream sundaes, you’ll understand why.

Located in Bangkok, Thailand, this sweets shop has received international attention for their massive sundaes. Recently, INSIDER Food featured one of the signature options in a Facebook video. The Strawberry Supereme has 22 scoops of ice cream, waffles, cake, strawberries, whipped crème and raspberry and vanilla parfait. The pink-hued dessert is a feast for the eyes and the stomach! Other massive sundaes include the Candy Celebration and a chocolate-lovers option.

As posters on the Trip Advisor message board point out, Mo & Moshi serves more than the party-sized parfaits. They also have regular portions of ice cream treats available for those who only want to sample their delicious flavors and don’t want to commit to a humongous sundae.

“I shared with my girlfriend two scoops 1) passion fruit and mango sorbet and 2) coconut and these were probably the best ice creams I have ever had…Also the price at 128 bahts is fair for this quality and the sizes of the scoops! A must if you crave for ice cream in Bangkok!” tsjoberg reviews.

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