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Keep Cool on an Ice Cream Road Trip

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Summer has finally made it to Texas! We’ve appreciated the cooler temperatures but now that things are heating up, what better way to cool down than with an ice cream road trip? Our state is home to a number of hidden gems, as well as some well-known, tried and true establishments. Luckily, no matter where you call home, you can find a variety of delectable dairy treats. If you are feeling adventurous, why not hit the road in pursuit of a new favorite? Here are some we like.

1. Lick 

Photo: Yelp/Jaime L.

Let’s start in San Antonio. Do you like unusual flavors like cilantro lime and roasted beet with fresh mint? At Lick, you can let your taste buds go wild, or you can stick with more traditional flavors like vanillas and strawberry. Using locally sourced ingredients, you can find Lick in both San Antonio and Austin.

2. Amy’s

ice cream on a Hill Country Spring nightPhoto: Amy’s Ice Cream

You can also find Amy’s ice cream in both San Antonio and Austin. Amy’s also offers some tried and true and adventurous flavors. Have you tried their White Chocolate? If you haven’t, you must! Go now!

3. Cow Tipping Creamery

Photo: Yelp/Molly H.

While in Austin, give Cow Tipping Creamery a try. Their soft waffle cones are divine. If you plan to order one be ready to eat. And eat and eat and eat. Divine and indulgent. Just the way we like our ice cream.

4. Teo

Photo: Yelp/Julia L.

Teo can also be found in Austin. Even better, Teo now can be found in some grocery stores to take home with you. This award winning gelato is the very successful cousin of traditional ice cream and a crowd-pleaser!

5. Ice Scrapers


Thai ice cream has been a big hit the last few years in Austin and several food trucks will deliver a hand-scraped frozen delight as customers watch on. We like Ice Scrapers.

6. Blue Bell

Photo: Blue Bell Creameries

We can’t compile a list of Texas ice cream stops without including Blue Bell. A Texas legend, many of their best flavors can be found in the frozen section of the grocery store if you can’t make it to Brenham to take a tour of the factory. We recommend doing both.

As the Texas heat begins to set in, make a point to include these ice cream hot spots on your 2017 summer bucket list. We dare you!