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Iconic Dallas Drive-In Says They Will No Longer Serve Bikers

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Keller’s Hamburgers, a well-known, old Dallas drive-in, recently reinstated a rule the business held when it first opened. The owner, John Keller, says they will no longer serve anyone on a motorcycle, even though it’s become a popular biker spot over the years.

“They’re just very unruly. I sat across from ’em this week and watched and I just could not believe what was going on.  We decided to make a change,” Keller told CW33. He says he wants to keep the restaurant family-friendly, and he thinks the adjustment to the rules will not have a negative impact on the business.

Now, CBS DFW says that bikers are boycotting the drive-in due to the discrimination. Motorcycle fan Ryan Davis told the news, “That’s kind of the cornerstone of what that place is built on they have a decent burger but people of come up there with the family look at the cars look at the bikes.” Some motorcyclists are considering a protest.

But Keller, the son of the business’s founder, is sticking to his decision. “It turned into a biker hang out, they wouldn’t let other customers park there, I’ve seen them yell at customers,” he said to CBS DFW.