Texas Community Pitches in to Help Ill Neighbor With Their Cotton Field

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Good neighbors know to reach out to those in need, and according to the Abilene Reporter-News, a local community is displaying a fine example of neighborly kindness. Cotton farmer Sammy Nauert, 60, and his family are going through a difficult time as Sammy is treated for cancer including radiation and chemotherapy appointments. What started as something Nauert believed to be a pulled muscle in his shoulder devolved into a tough emotional and physical ordeal.

Thankfully, nearby farmers came to Nauert’s land to finish the harvest of 300 acres of cotton after they had already tended to their own. Through a series of phone calls, ten people came to the fields and finished the job in one day working from 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. at night. “The dust was flying,” Becky Nauert told the news. “Farmers are good about helping each other. We live in a community of good people.”

Of course, cotton is no longer picked by hand. Modern farmers use trucks to strip the cotton, which is then unloaded into a boll buggy in a flurry of white puffy blooms. To get a glimpse at this interesting process, check out the video below from Chris Holy on YouTube.