22 Pounds of Illegal Meats Found in Woman’s Bag at DFW

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Earlier this month, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection pulled a woman’s bag aside at the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport after she was referred for a thorough baggage check. WFAA says that officials opened up her luggage to find “raw chicken, pig, and cow meat, brains, hearts, heads, tongues, feet, and other body parts.” The illegal meats weighed a total of 22 pounds. reports that the CBP finds “approximately 4,638 prohibited plant materials and/or animal products on a typical day.” Foods, plants, and creatures that aren’t allowed to enter the country are destroyed by the CBP. They aim to be extremely careful to not let items through that could bring disease to the country. “These kinds of meat products are potential carriers for harmful diseases that could result in devastating effects on our agriculture industry,” Dallas CBP Port Director Cleatus Hunt Jr. explained.

The illegal meats the woman stuffed into her bag were from her trip to Vietnam. Some of the meat appeared to be dried, but most of it was obviously raw. When all of the items were laid out, they covered an entire table. NBC DFW says that the woman didn’t declare any of the body parts on her customs form upon her arrival.